March 17, 2016


Czech Universities have a long tradition and belong to top Universities in Europe. The oldest University in the Czech Republic is the Charles University that has been founded in 1348 and is one of the oldest universities in the whole world. Czech Universities always prefer quality of education before money which means that you can be sure to receive a high quality of education.

Czech universities offer a wide range of study programmes in English, ranging from applied mathematics, IT (computers) to sociology and international relations. The choice is yours. Recently, the economic and political programmes at the Czech Universities have gained a good image – for example the International Economic and Political studies programme and the International Relations Programme as well as International Business Programme.

In the Economic and Business fields there are two competing universities aspiring to be the best in the country – the faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University in Prague and the University of Economics. The both offer high-quality education, practical approach and have significant international impact.

Whichever programme you choose, it is always taught in English. It takes two years so you have some time to experience life in the heart of Europe. You get an ECTS master diploma which means it has the same validity as degree from any other EU country and all EU countries accept it as if it is from their own country.

There are examples of the most common programmes on this page. If you wish to study anything else from journalism, sociology, art, history etc. please contact us for more information!