We help you explore a new world


We are people who believe that proper and high-quality education is crucial for personal development and future career. We don’t believe in instant degrees with no value added for the personal development of students and no effort needed. This is why we decided to provide quality education for students interested in personal development and special experience in the heart of Europe.

We are convinced that balanced personal development of students through learning, exploring different culture and getting experience relevant for their future development is crucial for successful life. We work with students on daily basis and therefore understand their needs. We make it possible for students to focus solely on expanding their potential by helping them with accommodation, formalities and adaptation in their new country.

Our company was founded to help students grow and this will always be at the heart of all we do!



我们明白申请国外大学对一些中国学生来说是个令人头疼的事情,因此我们愿意提供帮助,使通往梦想的路多一分顺畅,少一分阻碍。 从选择正确的课程直至在布拉格机场接站,我们会一直陪伴在你身边。作为曾经的学生和如今的老师,我们十分了解你的需求以及申请大学的要求。 我们将基于你想学习的专业来帮助你选择正确的课程。


Ma Liangliang – IEPS at Charles University

"I was very happy to learn that thwere was a partner I could trust when I wanted to come to Czech Republic for studies. I did not have to worry about anything - application and all formalities were taken care of. And I knew there will be somebody waiting for me when I come to Prague for the first time."